Pizzas & Panzarottis


We’re famous for our thin & crispy pizza. Baked on a 500 degree stone, we use a rich velvety tomato sauce and a creamy aged mozzarella cheese. An authentic recipe topped with over 26 fresh ingredients. Our panzarottis are pizzas that are folded over, then glazed with a garlic olive oil. We also offer pan and stuffed pizza. Since 1967 we’ve been driven to stay number one!

Appetizers & Side Dishes

So many choices! Wings, riblets, beer nuggets, nachos, quesadillas, corn dogs, our appetizer list goes on! Salads are made fresh per order with garden fresh ingredients like broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, avocado, artichoke hearts. We have choice mat toppings like tender skirt steak, marinated chicken breast, real turky and ham. Fresh croutons are made daily.



Whether it’s a Veggie sandwich made with fresh grilled veggies or a club made with our own smoky bacon and turkey, Perry’s sandwiches are sure to please. Perry’s offers a variety of breads and rolls for your sandwiches. Smoky ham, real turkey, chicken breast, house baked and sliced italian beef. Choose your delight!

Award Winning Ribs, Chicken & More

Perry’s boasts of the most diversified Entree menu in the area. You can get anything from our acclaimed BBQ Ribs to Spaghetti. We use choice Skirt Steak, Grade A Chicken and we shell our own Shrimp to ensure for the freshest flavor possible. Perry’s even carries ethnic specialties like Pork Schnitzel, Hungarian Goulash and Sizzling Fajitas.




Looking for something with a little twist? Try one of our herb encrusted Paninis on our home baked Ciabbata bread. Or try one of our healthy wrap combos. Thai, Turkey, Steak, Buffalo chicken, you name it! Perry’s has it!


Grandma’s special meat sauce is a genuine favorite at Perry’s. All our pastas are cooked fresh per order and served with our famous meat sauce, marinara, alfredo, suprema or roma tomato and garlic sauce. Choose from a variety of noodle or try our Cheese Ravioli, Mushroom Ravioli or homemade Lasagna.




Desserts are made in-house at Perry’s. Velvety Tiramisu, spiced carrot cake, chocolaty brownies, Double chocolate chip cookies with pecans. Our desserts rival any 5 star restaurant and we’d like you to put them to the test!