25 piece 75 piece 150 piece
Mini Wraps
Flour tortillas served pinwheel style available in three varieties.
Mexican – Herbed cream cheese w/jalapeños, diced red peppers & black olives
Roasted Vegetable – Fresh vegetables in a garlic balsamic marinade with seasoned cream cheese
California Turkey – Fresh turkey, guacamole and red pepper
22.65 57.65 109.20
Chips & Salsa Fiesta
Fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa and fresh crisp corn tortillas
25.75 36.05 42.25
Panini Bites (24 Bites)
Mini open faced panini specialty sandwiches on our housemade Ciabatta bread. Four gourmet choices: Caprese, Chicken Avocado, Tuna Melt and Hot one.
Crisp Sesame Chips with Double Dips & Veggies
House made chips, blue spinach and sundried tomato parmesian dips. Celery and carrot sticks.
Fresh Vegetable Cruditee 16”
A garden medley of crisp vegetables with Ranch dip. Cut today!
Meat and Cheese Nibbler
Black forest ham, smoked turkey, prosciutto, cheddar, swiss with crackers and honey mustard for dipping.
Hawaiian Fruit Skewers & Mini Desserts
Three assorted desserts and fruit skewers with a pina colada dip.